Petrol/LPG Engine

The highly efficient Hyundai G420F & G420FE (TIER 3 compliant) petrol/LPG/dual fuel engines are fitted to the 1500~2000kg capacity pneumatic and cushion tyre trucks. These engines are the most fuel efficient in their class offering EFI when operating on petrol & with TIER 3 certified engine, a reduction of up to 95% in emissions over the non certified engine. Both engine versions have engine management including shut down features built in as standard.

Diesel Engine

The A2300 engine is designed exclusively for industrial vehicle applications. Especially optimised engine design provides efficient fuel consumption, low noise, low emission and longer service intervals.


Pneumatic tyre trucks with excellent ground clearance and treaded rubber are most suitable for rugged outdoor use.
Cushion tyre trucks with reduced chassis size for working in tight spaces are ideally suited for warehouse and indoor applications.


New design overhead guard provides excellent forward and overhead visibility.

Air Cleaner

A large capacity, dual element air cleaner is designed to extend service intervals. The high air inlet located on the overhead guard is standard which aids in drawing clean, cool air into the intake system.


Steering column profile has been reduced to ensure operator visibility.
Infinitely variable gas strut operated steering column adjustment ensures a comfortable driving position is easily achieved.

Adjusts easily, even from outside the truck for easy access.

Hydrostatic power steering with load sensing for a quick and dynamic signal for a fast steering response.

Disc Brakes

Auto adjusting shoe type brakes are fitted as standard to these units.
Optional oil cooled disc brakes which eliminate outside contamination significantly extend brake life and decrease maintenance are recommended for hard working applications or for use in humid, abrasive or corrosive environments. These brakes have service intervals of five times longer than shoe brakes.

LPG Bottle Handler

A swing out/fold down LPG bottle handler is available to reduce the effort associated with handling LPG bottles.


A high level of serviceability simplifies maintenance and prolongs equipment life.

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